We are a health-specialized business group comprised of healthcare service provision companies as well as a large hospital and urgent care clinic network. The OSI also consists of educational institutions and social enterprises, complementing its ability to offer wide-ranging services within the health arena.


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Our mission is to contribute to the development of middle-income countries through technological, social, and organizational innovation and a comprehensive healthcare model, improving and increasing individuals’ wellbeing throughout their lifetime. At the same time, we are also generating employment, wealth and an improved quality of life in the communities in which we operate, contributing to regional human development.

We are an organization that oversees the care of its members by maintaining their health as well as identifying and managing risk and disease. We are leaders in comprehensive health services in the countries where we operate, and are widely recognized for our scientific, technical, ethical and human approach.


Our corporate values - the result of an entrepreneurial culture - are evident in every activity involving our different institutional stakeholders: members, officers, directors, shareholders, suppliers, competitors, civil society and government.

Justice: providing an indiscriminate, balanced work environment in which employees are able to accomplish their tasks while also having their rights and duties respected.
Respect: the recognition we have for the rights of others in the performance of their duties, with visions of a peaceful coexistence.
Solidarity: the ability to make someone feel like part of our community and give them the best of ourselves. This translates into a collective sense of cooperation and universal support without any differentiation, taking into account the value provided by each person and his/her acts.
Responsibility: to act with care and caution, making the decisions necessary to ensure success and minimize the probability of failure. We are an organization that bears the consequences of its actions, ensuring the effective delivery and quality of our products and services.
Truth and honesty: all acts of the organization and its employees are governed bytransparency, ensuring truth in the information we transmit. This earns us the confidence that enables an excellent organizational relationship with our stakeholder environment


  • We believe in health as a fundamental right and essential good of society, an indispensable foundation of prosperity and wellbeing.
  • In trust as the linchpin of a company's relationship with its stakeholder environment, continually being built and cultivated.
  • In a model of comprehensive health management focused on the individual, guaranteeing optimal health throughout his/her lifetime.
  • In constant innovation and the power of technological development for health applications.
  • In our commitment to the public we serve, fostering its human development.